This may be about the coolest damn photograph I've ever seen!

#MtRainier #Scenic

(Photo by Lisa Bishop)

Tell me you are using a MySQL database, without telling me you are using a MySQL database


You just pin your last tweet, Pete,
Request your archive, Clive,
You don’t need a blue tick, Vic,
Just get yourself free.

Hop on the tusk, Gus,
You don’t need to delete much,
Except your DMs, Jen,
And get yourself free.

Use Debirdify, Di,
Provide some alt tags, Mags,
Add a content warning, Tim,
To post sensitively.

Remember to boost,Ruth,
You don't need to deny truth,
Just drop off the perch,Dirk,
And get yourself free.
#VerseThursday #TwitterMigration #FediTips

Perhaps I should have used as a hashtag in that post. That seems like a hashtag that should exist?

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The Programmers’ Credo: we do these things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy.

@jamesog There's a striking similarity between the cover photo on your account here and this picture I've taken in Copenhagen:

The page at mentions either redirecting a profile or moving it. The move option sounded more like the nuclear option, so I instead went for just setting up a redirect. I looks like it worked, from what I can see.

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